Fix Your Immune System!
Our immune system is composed of two parts: innate immune system and acquired immune system.  They function together to protect the body from environmental insults and disease in a complex way. Without boring you to tell with all the research and details here are some helpful tips to strengthen your innate response.
First off, how do you know if you have a weak immune system? Do you get sick often, more than twice a year? Do you have digestive issues? If so, then it is time to enhance your health. 
Don't get sick or have a great gut? This year add a Micronutrient blood test to not only see what vitamins and minerals you are depleted in, but check out the IMMUNIDEX feature of the blood test. It ranks your total immune system with numbers and charts. Check the link below to see a sample report!
What to do to boost your immune system?
Eat Healthy! More vitamin C and D foods, cut the sugar, and more cold water fish!
Get quality sleep, sleeping less than 6 hours creates disease. 
Upper cervical adjustments help boost your immune system.
Fix your gut! See details below.
Exercise, sleeping well, eating healthy, and upper cervical adjustments (top part of the neck) are great ways to boost your immune system, but if you have a bad gut then your immune system will always have challenges. A lot of the immune system is linked to gut health. If you experience leaky gut issues than your immune system will suffer and you will have a host of issues to address. There are ways to fix this!
If you failed the quiz or your Immunidex is low start a gut protocol. A proper gut protocol is different for everyone. We say in holistic medicine everything in the gut flows down stream. If we don't fix the top of the stream then the rest will never correct itself. 
If you experience bloating, lots of gas (either direction), constipation, and/or stomach pain this is stomach!
Blood sugar issues, weak digestion is pancreas!
Diarrhea, greasy foods are not tolerated well, light colored stool, high cholesterol, dry skin is liver and gallbladder!
Candida (yeast) issues, lower abdominal bloating, parasite exposure, IBS is large intestine!
Heavier issues like SIBO are a small intestine issue and can be fixed too.
Fixing the gut lining will decrease your inflammation and lower your immune system.  Want to fix your gut? We can to a telehealth conference calls to or tell us you would like us to check it out on your next visit. 
Take the quiz and see if your gut could use a reboot! It is better to have an awesome defense than living in fear.

What are nightshade vegetables?


Some people are sensitive to a group vegetables that contain a certain alkaloid that sets off inflammation in the body.  These vegetables include white potatoes, peppers, hot peppers, paprika, tomatoes, eggplants.  If you are fighting with chronic pain, chronic inflammation, or arthritis try eliminating these vegetables for 2 weeks and see if you feel better. 



Ice vs. Heat


Many people are unclear when to ice.  When in doubt ice it out!


For most pains, particularly joint pain, it is best to ice for 20 minutes.  Heat can bring more inflammation to the area which can slow the healing process. 

Best Low Back Exercises: 


Hamstring Stretch- Lift one leg on a step or chair, keep back straight, and hinge at the hips. 


Hip Flexor- Place knee on floor and lunge into other knee. If you have knee problems use a door way or use a pillow under your knee for support. 


Piriformis stretch- While sitting place your right ankle on your left knee and gently press down on your right knee. 

Text Neck Tips

You might have heard this buzz word lately. This posture is most associated with people using their smartphones too often, leading to painful and arthritic neck conditions. 

Here is how to help fix this:

  • Raise the phone so it is eye level
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Practice good posture with standing up straight shoulders back
  • Take a minute a day for a neck strengthening exercise shown below




Stand straight

Shoudlers back with arms at 90 degrees

Make small backward circles for 30 seconds



        Stand or sit straight

        Tuck chin and place hands behind head

        Push your head back into your hands

        Hold for 10-15 seconds

Do you have a zinc deficiency?


Zinc is an important mineral for immune system and wound healing. It can be check in the office for no charge and it takes 30 seconds. 


It is common deficiency seen in vegetarians and people with allergies to shellfish. Highest foods that contain zinc are oysters, beef, and crabs. Don't head into winter without checking your zinc levels. 

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